latest luxury brand sneakers

latest luxury brand sneakers

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On the other hand, this is inseparable from the fashion trend of fashion circles. As the choice of consumers’ overall dress style changes, the boundaries between street and traditional fashion are constantly blurred, when luxury brands notice this. It is not surprising that a series of luxury brands “old shoes” came into being. The first item is the Balenciaga Triple S, which was unveiled on the Paris Fashion Week in 2017. This thick retro old-fashioned shoe captures the eye of the consumer with its bold colors and geometric elements, and immediately swept the world until today. .

How many luxury brands “old shoes” that have attracted much attention in the spring and summer of 2018? In this issue, YOHO!BLK has found a series of luxury sports shoes for the season. After exploring this popular phenomenon, we also introduce the unique design and starting price of each brand “Lao Shoes” for your reference. .

Balenciaga Triple S

Offer price: 5200 RMB

Market Quote: 7xxx-10xxx RMB

Release time: Spring and summer new models are available for sale at the end of April

CHANEL Sneakers

Offer price: high help about 7900 RMB, low help 6200 RMB

Market Quote: 7xxx RMB

Release time: February 2018

CHANEL’s sneakers launched in the spring include high-top and low-cut styles. The large logo and the distinctive contrast design, combined with the cumbersome and not modern design, have subverted the traditional aesthetic. However, the retro style created by the layered upper and the thick bottom captures some sneaker lovers. This sneaker has a serrated curved sole. The raised lines on the vamp and the stitching of different materials reveal the CHANEL’s careful thinking. The emphasis on the small piece adds a touch to the overall chronological body. Playful fun. Compared with other luxury brands, the price of CHANEL is not too high. The low-selling price is 5,900 yuan, and the high-cut price is 7,100.

Gucci Rhyton

Offer price: LOGO 7300 RMB solid color 6700 RMB

Market Quote: 6xxx RMB

Release time: end of January 2018

If you mention retro style, how can you lose Gucci? Gucci’s Rhyton collection is inspired by the Renaissance. Compared to other styles, the creamy white color palette is wider and wider, and the design is extremely rich. The soles and structure are reminiscent of Daddy Shoes. Gucci Rhyton shoe leather is deliberately ivory and added to the old-fashioned treatment, and printed with the Gucci logo as an embellishment. Recently, Gucci also brought two new colors of Rhyton Sneaker. Compared with the previous retro running shoes, the new Rhyton Sneaker’s biggest feature is to abandon the big Logo design and change the main pattern of the shoes into colored lines. The collection is available for purchase on Gucci’s official website for £670.

Prada Cloudbust

Offer price: about 6000 RMB

Market Quote: 6xxxrmb

Release time: early January 2018

The Italian luxury brand Prada, the pair of Cloudbust shoes, is the focus of the spring and summer of 2018. Like Dior, Prada Cloudbust is also inclined to retro running shoes. Unlike other old shoes, Prada Cloudbust has no heavy feeling. Gives a feeling of brisk rhythm, more suitable for the positioning of retro running shoes. The shoe body is made up of only rubber and woven materials, and a wide range of mesh uppers provide consumers with a high degree of breathability. The rubber shoe lasts and soles are printed with the word “Prada”, which combines the triple elements of technology, street and sports. The Velcro of the shoes is not only a sense of time but also a unique symbol of Prada shoes. Many of the current Prada Cloudbust can be purchased on the official website.

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